How can I SWEEP my floor before start cleaning?

You can pre-clean the floor to remove dust by attaching a paper-dusting wipe provided inside the box. Place a paper wipe on the base of your Nheat, then fold it up and press firmly to the fastening strips.

Can I use the disposable paper dusting wipes to SANITIZE my floor?

No. The paper dusting wipes can be used only if your Nheat is unplugged and the tank is empty.

How do I use my Nheat to SANITIZE my floor?

Attach a microfiber pad to your Nheat, fill the tank with water and plug the power cord in to the electrical outlet. Wait for 3 minutes until the power indicator light illuminateS blue. When you lower the handle, the buzzing will stop and liquid will disperse to the microfiber pad.

Keep the appliance moving in a slow and steady motion to avoid over saturation of the microfiber pad. 

What happens if my Nheat start buzzing?

Buzzer sounds when your Nheat will be plug in and it stops after 90 seconds when the power indicator light becomeS blue and you pull back the handle.

Can I leave my Nheat SITTING on the floor after using?

No. It's important to place your Nheat on the rest pad provided inside the box and unplug it from the electrical outlet DUE TO THE HOT BOTTOM.

What's the difference from a steam mop?

Steam mop does not dose the right quantity of water needed by the pad for a perfect cleaning. Any pad attached to a steam mop will be QUICKLY too wet and will SATURATE your floor. Moreover, steam is subject to condensation and it coolS down very quickly. Nheat, instead, releasing the right quantity of water to the pad and heating it up constantly, makes the right moisture to clean better and to dry your floor faster than any steam mop. 

What's the benefit of the exothermic technology?

The aluminum plate heats directly the pad that it is homogenously dampened by the tank distribution WATER system allowing to reach and keep A higher temperature CAPABLE OF cleaning and removIing dirt faster and without TOO MUCH effort.

How long will it take my Nheat to heat up?

3 minutes once plugged in to an electrical outlet. 

How do I know when I need to refill the tank?

Nheat will notice you with a buzzer when it is time to add water to the tank. For your safety, before refilling please unplug your Nheat.

Isn't the tank too small?

The tank's capacity has been calculated to optimize the cleaning intensity of each pad. Neither a too wet pad nor too dry PAD can clean efficiently.

How much can I clean with one full tank?

You can clean up to 90 squared meters (1000 squared feet) of domestic floor with average dirt.

Can I add detergents or fragrances?

Yes. You can add to THE water A few drops of detergent or fragrance directly to the tank or to the jug first before filling it.

How do I care the tank?

Nheat does not suffer FROM calcium formation because water is dropped directly to the pad. By the way if you use hard tap water combined to cleaning solutions it is recommended to rinse the tank after 15 uses by simply filling it with hot tap water and shaking.

How do I know when I need to change my pad?

It is recommended to change the pad any time you refill the tank. One FILLING of THE water per tank corresponds to one pad. However it is possible to keep the same pad after the tank refilling if it is not particularly dirty.

The pad looks dry, is that normal?

Yes. Cleaning the floor does not require a lot of water but a higher temperature OF moist heat.

How do I care the microfiber pads?

You can wash your microfiber pads by hands using detergent and warm water or by using your washing machine. DO NOT USE SOFTENER.

When do I need to change the base tray?

It is recommended to change the base tray every 6 months or in case of damage.

Can I clean the base tray?

Yes, you can wash the base tray by hands with warm water and soap.

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